About Us

SofLina is a premium Dirac brand which provides luxurious garments that can be passed down through generations. With designs that put a modern twist on a timeless and classic silhouette, nothing says sophistication more than a SofLina Dirac. 

Every piece is handpicked by us, from the fabrics, to the design and colours. We pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our fabrics, with all of our Dirac showcasing an array of distinctive features - such as hand-dyed fabrics and hand-sewn embellishments which will be sure to make you stand out.

All SofLina Dirac are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to dress them up or down to fit all occasions.

As customer service is our top priority, we hope that shopping with us will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. If you have any queries, please visit our contact us page.